The Intelligent Education team helps every level of higher education reach their maximum potential via online learning and education modules.  We strive to push the boundaries on the ever evolving education landscape.

High School Outreach Mission

 Welcome to Intelligent Education's High School Outreach (HSO) website. We invite students, parents and high school counselors to utilize the information and resources described on this site to increase awareness.

Our team is committed to helping potential new students successfully transition to college. Your success is our passion! 

Our Purpose The High School Outreach team helps local in district high school graduating Seniors' successfully transition into college. Our team conducts general college presentations, application workshops, placement tests, specialized presentations, and more at local district-level high schools.

Our Services Our High School Outreach program is designed to help high school seniors' with the enrollment process and other support services. The services facilitate students' transition from high school to college while preparing students to have a successful academic journey while at high school.

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