College Physics Prep

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After completion of this course and passing the Final Exam taken in person, you will be cleared and ready to take your required College Engineering or Science level Physics course.  This course can be completed in 2-3 weeks and allow you to enroll in your college level engineering physics course. 

This IE online course is designed to assess whether a student is ready for College Engineering or Science level Physics and to allow you to enroll in your study path if you complete and pass this course. It is intended for students who want to save time and money by passing this short, self-paced, online course and go directly to college Engineering or Science level Physics instead of taking a costly 10-week Quarter course. This can be completed in 2-3 weeks.

College Physics Prep ONLINE:

  • OLE-Online Learning Environment
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Cover ALL Subject Areas needed for success in Engineering Physics
    • Math Review: Geometry/Trig, Pre-Calculus
    • Units and Significant Figs.
    • Vectors
    • Word Problems
    • Kinematics 1-D
    • Kinematics 2-D
    • Start with Short Self-Assessment
    • HW and Practice Finals

There is one final exam at the completion of material and will require in-person attendance on campus.

This course is self-paced and can be taken remotely. Homework and Practice Finals are assigned but not graded. Although this online course does not accrue college credit, after completion of this course and passing the Final Exam you will be ready and cleared to take College Physics starting any quarter