About Us

Intelligent Education is devoted to providing simply the best learning experience, whether it’s the Online Learning Experience (OLE) or small classroom or workshop settings. The nature of education is evolving in fundamental ways and the learning environment is changing rapidly. IE is developing AI, machine learning, and gaming based methods to provide optimal learning experiences tailored to the individual or to target groups with specific needs.

There have been numerous adaptive learning platforms that allow learners to strengthen their skills and knowledge. Now particularly with the ready availability of virtual reality (VR) and machine learning so much is possible. IE is deeply motivated in enhancing the learning experience. The basic premise of IE OLE is: if the student is motivated they can learn anything. The objective is to take steps forward from your current level of knowledge. The IE product assesses your current subject-matter level of expertise in less than ten minutes, asking 5 questions. From there you are guided through the OLE along a continually adaptive path that is optimal for you. Ultimately everyone ends up at the same place: knowledge of the subject-matter.